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Douglas Design District


The Douglas Design District has over 300 locally owned businesses with an emphasis on design. We are pixelated, printed, fashioned, staged and thinking ahead. We are epicurean delights, theater, architects, interior designers, historic renovators and bred to be entrepreneurs. We are the youngest sibling in the Wichita family and have been given all the blueprints. Nobody saw us coming.

The Douglas Design District is a 3-mile stretch of authenticity, steeped in old-timey tradition and on the upside of the hill. We are full to the brim with electricity and we know our neighbors. The spark lives here.

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Dining With Denise Neil Review:
Fork & Fennel Fork & Fennel Salad

"On a recent Friday night visit, some friends
and I loved our meals so much, I wondered whether I was having an elusive four-star experience.

When Schane Gross announced her plan to open Fork & Fennel, a French bistro-style restaurant at 3425 E. Douglas, some doubted she would succeed.Fork & Fennel burgers

At the time, Gross had just opened her high-end butcher shop, Douglas Avenue Chop Shop, next door to her bar, The Anchor, at 1109 E. Douglas. When the old Taco Tico building near her College Hill home – which had held a string of unsuccessful restaurants over the years – came open, Gross impulsively took the space. She imagined a neighborhood eatery with a
European-style menu, a locallFork & Fennel Scallopsy-sourced kitchen
and a biker-friendly atmosphere.

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Top: Salade De Saison
Middle: Burger with homeade sweet pickles
Bottom: Scallops and Pork Belly

East Douglas Improvement Plan
Approved by City Council

We're EXCITED!!! The District 1 Advisory Board just approved the East Douglas Improvement Plan design concept by the DESIGN WORKSHOP. The plan now moves on to be approved by the City Council on December 2nd. Watch for more details.

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