The 2020 Vision 

The Douglas Design District (DDD) has enjoyed remarkable growth the last several years thanks to the tireless contributions of many of its members.   Volunteer members have successfully raised DDD’s profile city-wide, and will continue to promote the district and to stage events that attract people to DDD.

We’re preparing for the long-term growth of the organization and have created a 2020 Vision Plan that includes the following key projects: 

  • Short-Term: Design District streetscape, approved by the City of Wichita Design Council, along Douglas from Washington to Hydraulic set to being spring 2018. 
  • Long-Term: Infrastructure project from Washington to Grove, improving walkability and bringing a stronger identity to the district. We are advocating to move the start date of the project to 2020, from its current start date of 2023. 
  • Self-Sustaining: Move the Douglas Design District to become a self-sustaining 501 (c) (3) organization with paid staff. 

To view the most up to date plans from The City of Wichita
click on the link below.
**THE Plans are not final and may changE

The "faux" painted streetscape is helping to identify problem areas prior to construction.
The city is listening to the concerns of all stakeholders.

Becoming a BID

The creation of a Business Improvement District (BID) will allow us to achieve our future initiatives with greater participation and more resources. A BID is an organization formed by property owners and businesses within the district and funded through a special tax. 

These funds are used for services not provided by the local government that includes marketing, events, place-making, beautification and safety enhancements to realize the District mission to pursuing and promoting an 'avenue of creativity' for Wichita to Shop, Live and Dine...by Design. 


First, start by finding your city council member. If you're not sure who your council member is, click here.
Once you've found your council member, click their name below to open an email and voice your support for the Douglas Design District's 2020 Vision.

District 1 Brandon Johnson

District 2 Pete Meitzner

District 3 James Clendenin

District 4 Jeff Blubaugh

District 5 Bryan Frye

District 6 Cindy Claycomb

Take your voice further and consider emailing our city manager and mayor in addition to your council member.

City Manager Robert Layton

Mayor Jeff Longwell

Need help finding the words? Feel free to use these: 

Dear (council member),

I am writing to ask for your support regarding the growth and development of the Douglas Design District.  

For over ten years, the Design District has been a volunteer-driven, grassroots initiative that has engaged the community, and attracted new business and industry into the heart of the city.  The District has seen profound growth in just the last five years alone, with more businesses coming in at an exponential rate.  The addition of Avenue Art Days has continued to see an explosion of community engagement, and we continue to advocate “shop local” by hosting Second Saturday every month and promoting the city's Q-Line expansion.  

For far too long, the City has neglected to really take the Design District's potential seriously. The Douglas Design District is the corridor that connects Downtown and East Wichita residents. With the significant development happening downtown, it would be in the city’s best interest to maximize these investments by extending the improvements East through the District to welcome and invite the community to it’s core.

The Douglas Design District initiated a streetscape infrastructure improvement plan for Douglas, unveiled in 2009, and continues to view this project as a game-changer that will bring many amenities to the District; including walkability and a stronger identity.  We've been patient over the years as the project has been delayed time and again. We are past the stage of being patient and ask the City to commence the project in 2020 in conjunction with our 2020 Vision, including the establishment of a self-sustaining Business Improvement District that will leverage the city’s investment in the District. 

I hope that I can count on you for your support and vote for the 2020 Vision!

(Your name here)


ATTEND an upcoming city council meeting and share your voice to the 2020 Vision. Click here for upcoming meetings. 

SHARE this information with business owners and community members. Hit the streets to rally and support. Contact us for materials. 


On January 25, 2018, the Douglas Design District held a stakeholder open house to present the 2020 Vision. In case you missed it, you can download the presentation by clicking the image below.