Avenue Art Days Launch Party Introduces Starving Artist Initiative

August 15, 2017, was the Launch party kicking off this year's Avenue Art Days where 21 new murals will be added to the Douglas Design District!! Janelle King, the owner of The Workroom and the event organizer, was thrilled to announce that participating artists in this year’s event will receive a financial stipend for their work for the very first time! Plus, a portion of any future donations to the event will be added to the amount each artist receives.  

Avenue Art Days is proud to bring the work of these wonderful artists to the attention of Wichita and potential new clients.

“I got the opportunity to do my first mural at the very first Avenue Art Days. I just completed my 7th commissioned (means I got paid) mural last weekend. It all started with that first Avenue Art Days mural, so thank you, Douglas Design District and Avenue Art Days!”
— Johnny Freedom

The whole issue of “free” vs commissioned art work has sparked a much-needed conversation.  Read more in Matt Riedl’s article in the Wichita Eagle that looks at the ongoing discussion.