Janelle King, Owner The Workroom, DDD Board President

Janelle King, Owner The Workroom, DDD Board President

Because I love Wichita...

I want more.

"I recently sat around a table of leaders. Not necessarily by title or affluence, but a handful of real doers, shakers, and movers. And the shared feeling of exhaustion and frustration was palpable. Don't get me wrong, this wasn't a throw your hands up discouraged moment at the helplessness of Wichita, but rather the ability to see SO MUCH opportunity and potential without the time and energy and resources to do it all. And sometimes that foresight feels like a huge burden to bear. What we need is MORE. MORE doing. MORE leading. MORE original successes. And yes, MORE failures. Growth. 

I turned my attention inward and started to think about what I can do to magnify and create MORE. It's no secret I have been an instrumental part of a Wichita flag craze. It's been a powerful movement to give the people of Wichita permission to love this city all over again and ways to share it. When it comes to perception we have made huge strides. So now that we've created this beast what's next? How can I activate it? 

It's no longer enough to just love your city, or to share that love, how will you prove it. Action. From a place of love and optimism for this city, I challenge everyone to do MORE. Be the change. My hope is this blackout gives a unified banner to give permission to and inspire everyone to step out from the comfort zones and do something big or small to make a better community. And my hope is it becomes contagious." 

Read more about this initiative, to make your own pledge, and to find out how you can receive your own blackout flag to fly during the month of October that challenges each of us to do and to be MORE.

xo~ Janelle