DDD Expands Boundaries, Reach

The Douglas Design District is growing, not only in membership and geography, but with big projects slated for the future.

The Douglas Design District is once again making news by announcing that we are expanding the boundaries of the District. Current boundaries include Douglas Ave. from Washington to Glendale, with north/south boundaries reaching one block North to 1st Street, and one block south to English. Due to an expansion of businesses in the area just outside of these District boundaries, the Design District has decided to expand south to Kellogg and north to 2nd St. in order to fully encompass all of the growth and industry in the area.


“There is so much excitement and energy right now in the DDD it’s contagious! New businesses keep popping up within and around the District because they too want to be a part of what is happening here,” said Janelle King, owner of The Workroom and DDD President.

This expansion falls on the heels of the City of Wichita Design Council’s most recent approval of the mock streetscaping plan simply using paint as part of the Avenue Art Days initiative proposed by the Design District with the help of Paul Gunzelman and Bill Gardner of Gardner Design. Work on the streetscaping will begin in February of 2018, and is projected to be completed by the NCAA Tournament in March of 2018.

The District is also getting ready to launch a new campaign in January of 2018 that addresses some of the other projects for growth and expansion that are slated. The District has been running under the facilitation of an all-volunteer Board of Directors for over ten years now and has made huge strides. We are looking for businesses, organizations, and individuals who are interested in helping support us through even further growth. A community ‘town hall’ type discussion is slated for January 25th to announce plans and begin to organize.

Further information about the meeting will be released closer to the date.