Design Council approves street painting project.

Planned design will continue to add
color to vibrant Douglas Design District

The Douglas Design District is happy to announce that the Wichita Design Council has approved plans for a complex, yet colorful, community street painting installation within the Design District. 

“The design is based on our Douglas Design District logo, and will include the six vibrant colors that signify the DDD,” Karen Cundiff, Douglas Design District Board Member said, “The painting will emulate the future concrete medians and bump-outs that will be installed as a part of the overall streetscape improvement plan for the District. It’s a colorful way to let everyone see the vision for what the Design District will continue to evolve into.”

The plans were presented to the Council by Paul Gunzelman, assistant city engineer, and included an intricate design created by Bill Gardner of Gardner Design in Wichita.  Gardner also created the original Douglas Design District logo.  The project is a part of the Design District’s Avenue Art Days initiative and will be executed by community volunteers. It is expected to be completed by March of 2018 prior to the NCAA Tournament.  The full Douglas Design District streetscape plan to include the new concrete medians and bump outs is scheduled as a part of an overall capital improvement plan that will be completed by 2025.