Douglas Design District Revitalization Plans

In the future...

We see a three-mile, tree-lined corridor of businesses and residences in a warm neighborhood setting, along well-swept Douglas Avenue, between Old Town and Oliver. Here you'll find miles of locally owned stores, trendy shops, cafes, and pubs. Some are quaint, some funky, some cosmopolitan, but all intriguing and full of life. These unique shops and businesses are inter-mixed with charming residential neighborhoods, townhouses and loft apartments. The District will be a magnet for new design businesses and a compelling location for new business to start-up in general. The area will have an image as a trendsetter and a place to discover exciting new home fashion, dinning, entertainment and many other products and services.

The Douglas Design District, Neighborhood Representatives and the City of Wichita Planning Department have been working hard making plans for the revitalization of East Douglas. To view a copy of the conceptual plan go to: The Douglas Design District Streetscape and Implementation Plan for more details.

To view the most up to date plans click on the link below.
**THE PLANS ARE NOT FINAL and may change

The "faux" painted streetscape is helping to identify possible problem areas prior to construction.
The city is listening to the concerns of all stakeholders.

East Douglas Rendering 2019.png

download the following PDF documents to read more about the implementation strategy for the plan.