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Mon–Fri: 10am-5pm

About Wichita Independent
Business Association

Wichita Independent Business Association is a partner of DDD and shares our goal to help support small local business!

The Wichita Independent Business Association (WIBA) has been dedicated to advancing the growth and impact of Wichita businesses since 1931. We know the critical role that independent business plays in strengthening our community and driving innovation — and we are committed to supporting the interests of our members through education, advocacy, communication and personal relationships.

Benefits of Membership

1. WIBA provides an environment of unique member support from peers who share your concerns regarding independent business and who have a wealth of information and resources, all of which they are willing to share with other members.

2. The WIBA CONNECTnewsletter delivers focused and important communicationto your inbox each week, alerting you about upcoming events, pertinent legislative issues, business management information and member news.

3. Throughout the year, we keep our members informed and educated by offering various continuing educationopportunities including seminars, workshops and speaker presentations at monthly luncheons.

4. We are an association governed by our members. This structure encourages and develops active member committees to address decisions and actions that impact WIBA and independent business overall.

5. WIBA members are the most dynamic group of business people in the region and our member events provide networking and new business opportunities throughout the year.

6. There is no better way to connect to new business than direct communication; WIBA members are a tremendous source of recommendations and referrals that could lead your company to growth.

7. WIBA’s comprehensive website provides online resourcesincluding legislative and advocacy activities, education sources, member opportunities, the WIBA membership directory and a complete calendar of events.

8. WIBA serves as the strong united voice of independent business in local, state, and federal issues. Our goal is to protect our members’ best interests through political advocacy. As a WIBA member, you will have a voice in our political advocacy process as we survey members prior to setting our political agenda.

9. In addition to our monthly member meeting, WIBA hosts a variety of interest groups, including the Wichita Women’s Leadership Alliance (WWLA), and the WIBA/Jardine STEM Partnership.

10. WIBA hosts great special events, including our Annual Meeting with great keynote speakers.