Shop, Live, Dine.

By Design.

Wichita culture at its finest.

The Douglas Design District has over 300 locally owned businesses with an emphasis on design.

We are pixelated, printed, fashioned, staged and thinking ahead. We are epicurean delights, thespians, architects, interior designers, historic renovators and bred to be entrepreneurs.

We are the youngest sibling in the Wichita family and have been given all the blueprints. Nobody saw us coming.

Founded in authenticity and steeped in old-time tradition, The Douglas Design District is full to the brim with electricity. The spark lives here. 

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Buildings Design

We are located along Wichita's renowned Douglas Avenue on a 3-mile stretch that springs from the heart of the city's Downtown area, through Uptown and ends just East of Oliver Street.


2020 Vision for
DDD's Future

We've got 2020 Vision in the Douglas Design District... do you see it too?

The Douglas Design District launched our vision for the future with the 2020 Vision Campaign. We unveiled a short-term project to bring color and life to the District this Spring but, most importantly, we urged community supporters to advocate for a transformative long-term infrastructure project that will bring walkability and a stronger identity to the District. This project, originally proposed in 2009, has continually delayed and pushed further out! We need YOU to help us communicate the importance of this project to enhance the quality of our district for the City of Wichita.

We need your help to contact city council members, as well as the Mayor and City Manager, to let them know that the Design District and community supporters would like to see the infrastructure project happen.

See what the Douglas Design District's new Executive Committee members have to say about our 2020 Vision:

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